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Golden Trifecta Trading is the end result of years of research and development through forward trading of the markets. The concept was handed down generationally through constant refinement using the Golden Ratio or Phi. The Phi factor is key to the method allowing for precise and very accurate entries and exits. Having over 40,000 hours of screen time has also allowed Douglas to develop concepts that are unique and nontraditional in the trading arenas.

Golden Ratio-Phi
In today’s world society seems to be caught up in their day to day activities of survival while not stopping to truly see the miracle that they live in.  All around them the miracle of the Golden Ratio abounds from their heartbeats to the dimensions of the fingers and hands to the scaling size of their bodies.  You can witness it everywhere in nature from the flower pedals to the ocean waves crashing in on the beach to the hurricane spiral to the galaxy spiral.  It is truly a magical number that overwhelms everything that we touch and touches us in society.
The markets aren’t any different.  They are made up from human emotion and from that human emotion we can accurately track the data points and natural order of Phi.
If a person can just grasp the magnitude of this number, I believe they could trade in the zone, but understanding how and where to attach the Phi number to the data points is what makes the Golden Trifecta method truly amazing.


I’ve been involved in the markets for over 25 years.  I’ve seen and tried about every method out there.  After 20+ years on the floor of the NYMEX, I wanted to transition into strictly technical trading.  My requirement was a reliable system that was robust enough (and simple enough) to work on any time frame and on any market with consistency.  I required a system that had defined targets and exits and a stoploss if I was wrong.  I required a high reward-to-risk return.  I didn’t want a crowded chart that looked like a Christmas tree or vague signals that only work in backtesting. I needed to find a way to trade profitably that fit with my beliefs and my experiences with the markets throughout my career.”

“Doug has delivered as promised and continues to do so a year later.  He answers any question on any market promptly.  And there are no wishy washy answers which I like.  He genuinely cares about his students and that makes all the difference.  This is the right tool if you are strictly technical and like using Fibonacci and Elliott waves.”

The coolest part of GTT for me is that its rule based but you can decide how aggressive to be, what to trade, and what timeframes work for your lifestyle.  It does seem to have an uncanny ability to find markets about to make strong moves while keeping you on the sidelines up until that very point.  (For this reason, it’s perfect for options traders.)   I’m not an expert at counting waves (yet) but I can see when the indicators align and I zero in on the exact point to get in and out.