About GTT


I have developed a Physics theory that I’ve aptly named Hall’s Quantum Price Wave Field Theory. What I discovered was how the laws of physics are not prejudice when applying them to the markets. As a matter of fact, it is what controls the market forces. What I have developed will amaze anyone who is acquainted with traditional technical and fundamental beliefs.

 My skill was developed over many years and has become in my opinion second to none. I started programming algorithms on the CQG INC. platform in 2001. By 2006 I had what I believe was the most accurate data software that could project market prices long before market trends even begin.  

My perseverance and determination and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars led me to a fact that was undeniable when it came to the understanding of the markets.  That all markets are not chaotic and unpredictable. The markets do have randomness, but they are enveloped in a larger controlling wave function that is very predictable. 

Tracing the early work of Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Louis de BroglieArthur ComptonNiels Bohr the following explains the science behind the amazing fact that everything in the universe behaves as both a particle and a wave. I include the price (Particle) in the markets as part of everything. When you see or think of the word “price” think of “particle”. 

My dilemma in 2004 was “time”. What do I mean by “time”? How long will the trend last? My frustration was placing a trade and watching the right side of the screen wondering how long it will take for the market to unfold. I needed to find the solution. 

I spent two and a half years working on my first function of time.  Contacting mathematicians and physicists from universities around the country and they all said it was impossible and it couldn’t be done.  I didn’t give up.  

The end results did not happen overnight.  It was a step by step process of testing over thousands of hours linking certain math concepts and physics theories together along with other enigmatic theories. During my research I realized how raw data was simply a natural function that like everything else in the universe was a perfect order.  A GOD code.  Let’s just call it “The fingerprint of GOD”.