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What markets does Douglas trade most often?

I generally trade the DOW mini, but have traded most markets including the currencies, grains, metals, bonds, and other commodities as well.

How does news & fundamentals affect your trading?

Generally I will look at the announcements just to stay clear of any violent swings that may occur during an announcement, but with the universal golden ratio the markets tend to align with themselves with the Golden Trifecta method.

What are the most common errors you see traders make?

Most traders that I have seen are not patient enough. They tend to over trade and when they over trade they tend to lose. Knowing when to trade or just as important when not to trade is a huge factor and using the Golden Trifecta method will help eliminate those types of problems.

What interests do you have outside of trading? Do the skills or mental requirements overlap with what you need to be a good trader?

I am a competitive athlete and while I don’t like to lose I do whatever it takes to win. I feel in trading there is a competition between myself and the markets. I subsequently named a few of my indicators and conditions after some sports lingo.

What drew you to trading in the first place?

The independence that it gave me as a parent has allowed me to coach my sons in basketball, and in baseball. I also enjoy the time when I get them ready for school and when they arrive home from school. I know they feel a sense of security that comes along with being an at home dad.

How long have you been trading full-time?

My brother back in the nineties had taken a trading course through Bill Williams. When he returned home he was excited about what he had learned and he wanted to introduce trading the S&P 500 to me. As I became more interested I turned to a great uncle who had been trading successfully for over 45 years. He trained me and set me on the correct path in the understanding of the way the market moves. I owe a great amount of gratitude to him, because that allowed me to not get caught up in other traditional methods. He kept my mind clear and uncorrupted allowing me to see the natural order unlike traditional antiquated methods.

How long have you been trading the way you have now?

Well, as I have stated earlier being trained from the very beginning by my relative I never had any other way at reading the markets. It was handed down to me from two generations of family and I have taken his teachings to new levels enhancing what I was taught at the beginning of my trading career to where I am at today. The concept is the same, but more refined and accurate.