With our indicators, clients are able to spot a market's early trend transition, areas to consider entry and exit, price targets and tools to assist with price and time risk.

The GTT method is not a mechanical trading system.  Rather it is a collection of tools, theories, methods and techniques.

The GTT method provides insight and projections levels in both “Time” and “Price”. 

GTT is THE industry leader in the application of data visualization to assist with the complex decisions of the global financial markets.

The foundation of GTT is our proprietary quantum quantitative indicators that incorporate The Double Slit Experiment (price projection probabilities), The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (momentum) and of course Elliott Wave, plus other enigmatic math formulas that bring together a picture of what’s happening in the markets.

With these models, GTT indicators permanently display each condition thus allowing our clients to review the condition’s performance.

This allows GTT to deliver discipline and actionable conditions, across multiple time frames for each security. 

Technology is multiplying our capabilities as a civilization…yet, too many of us operate with antiquated beliefs, out-dated tactics and inferior execution skills. 

Rather than adapt to the demands of change by developing super fast reflexes and quick strike capabilities…the majority resist and some even reject the need for change and pay dearly for that decision.   

To make matters worse…as the pace of change continues to accelerate, this problem snowballs, thus making you and your business irrelevant at a much faster rate.

Because the marketplace only rewards results, the solution is simple…but not necessarily easy.

GTT can save you from confusion.  No more trendlines.  No more Support and Resistance lines. No more Moving Averages. No more Crossovers.  No more guessing.  Did you read that correctly? 

No more guessing.  This means limiting your stop loss and gaining Risk Reward Ratio.  Knowing where the trend will be long before it happens.  What kind of value is that to you?  Priceless!  That's the value. 

Precise accurate entries and exits. 

GTT can open a whole new world for you in your trading. You want to learn, but you don't want to waste time trying to figure out the results?

Let GTT take all of the obstacles out of your way. Put the world markets in your hand. That's where we can help!