I have developed a Physics theory that I’ve aptly named Hall’s Quantum Price Wave Field Theory. What I discovered was how the laws of physics are not prejudice when applying them to the markets. As a matter of fact, it is what controls the market forces. What I have developed will amaze anyone who is acquainted with traditional technical and fundamental beliefs.

 My skill was developed over many years and has become in my opinion second to none. I started programming algorithms on the CQG INC. platform in 2001. By 2006 I had what I believe was the most accurate data software that could project market prices long before market trends even begin. 

My perseverance and determination and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars led me to a fact that was undeniable when it came to the understanding of the markets. That all markets are not chaotic and unpredictable. The markets do have randomness, but they are enveloped in a larger controlling wave function that is very predictable. 

Tracing the early work of Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Louis de Broglie, Arthur Compton, Niels Bohr the following explains the science behind the amazing fact that everything in the universe behaves as both a particle and a wave. I include the price (Particle) in the markets as part of everything. When you see or think of the word “price” think of “particle”. 

My dilemma in 2004 was “time”. What do I mean by “time”? How long will the trend last? My frustration was placing a trade and watching the right side of the screen wondering how long it will take for the market to unfold. I needed to find the solution. 

I spent two and a half years working on my first function of time. Contacting mathematicians and physicists from universities around the country and they all said it was impossible and it couldn’t be done. I didn’t give up. 

The end results did not happen overnight. It was a step by step process of testing over thousands of hours linking certain math concepts and physics theories together along with other enigmatic theories. During my research I realized how raw data was simply a natural function that like everything else in the universe was a perfect order. A GOD code. Let’s just call it “The fingerprint of GOD”. 


With our indicators, clients are able to spot a market's early trend transition, areas to consider entry and exit, price targets and tools to assist with price and time risk.
The GTT method is not a mechanical trading system.  Rather it is a collection of tools, theories, methods and techniques.
The GTT method provides insight and projections levels in both “Time” and “Price”. GTT is THE industry leader in the application of data visualization to assist with the complex decisions of the global financial markets.
The foundation of GTT is our proprietary quantum quantitative indicators that incorporate The Double Slit Experiment (price projection probabilities), The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (momentum) and of course Elliott Wave, plus other enigmatic math formulas that bring together a picture of what’s happening in the markets.
With these models, GTT indicators permanently display each condition thus allowing our clients to review the condition’s performance.
This allows GTT to deliver discipline and actionable conditions, across multiple time frames for each security. 
Technology is multiplying our capabilities as a civilization…yet, too many of us operate with antiquated beliefs, out-dated tactics and inferior execution skills. 
Rather than adapt to the demands of change by developing super fast reflexes and quick strike capabilities…the majority resist and some even reject the need for change and pay dearly for that decision.   To make matters worse…as the pace of change continues to accelerate, this problem snowballs, thus making you and your business irrelevant at a much faster rate.
Because the marketplace only rewards results, the solution is simple…but not necessarily easy.GTT can save you from confusion.  No more trendlines.  No more Support and Resistance lines. No more Moving Averages. No more Crossovers.  No more guessing.  Did you read that correctly? 

No more guessing.  This means limiting your stop loss and gaining Risk Reward Ratio.  Knowing where the trend will be long before it happens.  What kind of value is that to you?  Priceless!  That's the value. Precise accurate entries and exits. 
GTT can open a whole new world for you in your trading. You want to learn, but you don't want to waste time trying to figure out the results?

Let GTT take all of the obstacles out of your way. Put the world markets in your hand. That's where we can help!  


I have met Douglas a few years back and since then the way I see the world of trading completely changed. 

He is a master in reading markets using his GTT method that is based on a wave function.

Dougs method helps to effectively read markets and catch high probability trades..In my opinion it is ideal for a swing traders who are looking to take their trading to the next level. GTT helps you to determine the end of wave two so you can catch the biggest piece of the move - wave 3. 

Doug has always been very supportive and made sure that I had all my questions answered. I am very grateful for this.

V.K. London, Great Britain

I have been trading 11 years and have seen many "gurus" trade. Douglas is a trader in a class all his own. Douglas once asked me to define my perfect trading system. I told him the methodology must keep losses and drawdowns small, while letting profits run. Also, the winning percentage must be high, around 80%. Further, the indicators used must be able to analyze all markets on all time frames. Douglas said that his indicators accomplished all these goals so I signed up for his one-on-one course. Over several days, Douglas delivered as promised. He showed me how to scalp, day trade, swing trade and position trade the Dow futures, stocks, currencies, and other markets. He did this by analyzing the same indicators on the same settings for every market, and focusing on varying time frames. I never have seen anything like it."

Bob H. Los Angeles

"It has been the most challenging and the most rewarding system I have looked at, and I have looked at many systems over the years. If you are prepared to put in the time and effort you will be rewarded. With this system I will never have to look at another system again. I have learnt how to read the market, a skill I've been wanting to develop for years. Doug willingly gives his time and endless repetitions to ensure you've got it. I'm forever grateful. 

Your enthusiasm and passion for the markets has triggered the same in me. I am very grateful for all the sharing you have given us all. Your level of skill is amazing and you have clearly demonstrated this to us. You are wonderful at what you do and I want to be as good as you one day!! Thank you, thank you, thank you is all I can say."

R. L. - Sydney, Australia

"Over the last eight years of full time trading I have attended many seminars and read more than a hundred books on the art of trading. I have traded both local and international stocks, options, futures, and Forex. My systems have included mechanical and discretionary methods, and have ranged from the longer term to the extremely short term in nature. My accounts have stretched to millions, and plummeted to the thousands. 

Every twist and turn in the changing markets held a new lesson, and a new beginning. Some two years ago, I decided I needed to either find, or devise, a simple discretionary system that was based predominantly on price action, and that had always worked, and always will work, in all time frames, across all markets. Then as the universe would have it, at my greatest trading low point a very dear friend of mine stumbled upon, and shared, what was a relatively obscure method by a solitary trader, who, unbeknownst to him, answered our distant call. The method he shared incorporated the best of everything I had ever learned about the way markets move, and then added to it a whole new dimension - which completely changed the way I now view the markets. 

The methodology is brilliantly simple, and amazingly accurate, though admittedly takes discipline and a little time to master. It works in any time frame always has, and always will. Suffice to say, with many thanks and much appreciation, my search for my perfect system at least is now complete."

D. S. - Adelaide, Australia

"Without a doubt this is the best system I have ever seen in my 6 years of trading. Around 12 months ago I attended some training provided by Doug. It was the first time anyone has effectively explained how market forces interact and can be traded using the natural rise and fall of prices (Elliott Wave) aided by some very cleverly designed indicators. 

No trading system is perfect - but by applying Doug's indicators properly and by sticking to the rules at least brings the odds in my favor when I enter a trade. Doing this training was one of the best trading decisions I have made to date."

J. R. - Adelaide, Australia

"I am the typical trader who has taken dozens of courses, read countless books and frustratingly spent greater than $50,000 on learning trading methods. Yet somehow I still did not know how to trade with any real confidence, until I took your Golden Trifecta Trading course. Your method is without a doubt the only way I have found to effectively read the markets and set up high probability trades. Also, your system works on ANY market and in ANY time frame! We have all heard that claim before, but your system truly does work. Thanks to you, I have now developed confidence in reading the charts and waiting for good trades set up. I am not saying your system is the holy grailor a snap to learn. However, I am convinced that any serious trader willing to spend the time to learn your system will have the ability to be a profitable trader for life!!!"

K.D. Atlanta, GA

"Doug entered my life because of his contrarian view about the markets that was expressed on a public forum. He challenged years of beliefs that no one could predict the markets. We accept as fact that no one knows what will happen in the markets, because we are conditioned .......... but what if one could? The air of confidence shown in his writing made me say "but what if he says will happen in the market really was true, wouldn't that just be amazing?" I have always admired those who think outside the square. Progress is never made when people and minds remain confined. Shortly after we met online Doug said the GBP/USD was going 1.7696 on October 11th 2005. To this day I have kept a copy of the price of the where the pound closed at the end of trading on 14th October 2005 on the FXCM platform .......... 1.7696. Needless to say, he had my total attention as the price was about 250 pips below that price at the time he made that call. Since then I have seen Doug predict in advance with pinpoint accuracy what would happen in the market. I even joked that he had his own personal steering wheel on the market as he read the market as though he was reading a street directory. ( It would be remiss of me to fail to point out that Doug did not even trade the forex market, but he read it daily for me as he knew that was my market.)

 I have been around the markets for a number of years and can quite honestly say that I have never met anyone who can read a market like Doug can.

 When I first met Doug he was a professional trader working from his home office in a small town in the USA. He did not have too many trading associates, he just traded when he wanted like many professionals do. His passion for how he traded was contagious. He proudly showed me indicators he'd created as though he was showing me a newborn child. Most people who trade Elliott Wave will tell you they would love to have an indicator that will identify the end of a Wave 2, so that they can ride the biggest wave of all, the Wave 3. One of the indicators created by Doug, does just that, identifies the end of a Wave 2.

 I take some pleasure in knowing that I helped coax this professional trader from his office to teach his Elliott Wave method to others. Doug is a breath of fresh air in how different he is as a teacher to what I had experienced in the past."

D.H. - Adelaide, South Australia

I have been in trading for 6 years with mixed results - breaking even at best. I have tried numerous courses in technical analysis but never had consistency. In the back of my mind I always knew that people are driven by their emotions, and this effect should show up in the markets. What I didn’t know was that it was possible to measure the frequency of emotions. These frequency waves form patterns and together with quantum theories like the double slit experiment and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, it is possible to determine future price action. 

 Combining the laws of nature, physics and math, Douglas has designed indicators that master probabilities of future price action. He zooms in on catching the largest wave of a typical Elliot wave and makes sure to catch 90% of that wave or better, with minimum risk attached. No complicated Bollinger bands, trend lines or moving averages. Just applying the laws of nature like it was majestically designed. 

 I have never seen anything like it before, and I am very excited to be mentored by him. If there is one thing I can say, it’s that Douglas’s first priority is his traders, answering our every question and staying up till late to do what he loves – monitoring the markets and sharing his forecasts. Few people have this kind of passion, and with decades of experience he sure knows what he’s talking about.  

 Today I have great insight into the markets and can manage risk much more effectively, regardless of the propaganda they sell in the news. Douglas has drastically changed my outlook on the markets, by knowing what’s going to happen next…

J.P.V. South Africa. 

I've been involved in the markets for over 25 years. I've seen and tried about every method out there.  After 20+ years on the floor of the NYMEX, I wanted to transition into strictly technical trading. My requirement was a reliable system that was robust enough (and simple enough) to work on any time frame and on any market with consistency.  I required a system that had defined targets and exits and a stoploss if I was wrong. I required a high reward-to-risk return.  I didn't want a crowded chart that looked like a Christmas tree or vague signals that only work in backtesting. I needed to find a way to trade profitably that fit with my beliefs and my experiences with the markets throughout my career.

A year ago I found my answer in GTT.  It's the only way I have found to see and catch the meat of a trend. It is NOT designed to trade bottoms or tops. It finds the market waves on multiple time frames to zero in opportunities. If you're an Elliot wave person, its essentially catching wave three. If you're not, it's basically looking for a trend to prove itself first, and then find the optimal low risk entry once the momentum really begins to re-appear.

The coolest part of GTT for me is that its rule based but you can decide how aggressive to be, what to trade, and what timeframes work for your lifestyle.  It does seem to have an uncanny ability to find markets about to make strong moves while keeping you on the sidelines up until that very point. (For this reason, it's perfect for options traders.)  I'm not an expert at counting waves (yet) but I can see when the indicators align and I zero in on the exact point to get in and out.

Doug has delivered as promised and continues to do so a year later. He answers any question on any market promptly.  And there are no wishy washy answers which I like. He genuinely cares about his students and that makes all the difference.  This is the right tool if you are strictly technical and like using Fibonacci and Elliott waves.

David R

Finding a solid way to trade that gave me confidence and successful methods had long been a dream. I spent countless hours trying lots of traditional techniques. I searched for years through endless websites, forums, and free online “schools”.

My passion for becoming a successful trader drove me for years to read anything I could get my hands on, go to any free seminar in my area, and eventually spend many thousands of dollars on classes and training by the so-called “experts”. Even after all of that, I was still forced to keep seeking out the next piece of miracle trading as I struggled to fully understand how the markets worked. There were so many different people trying to take a section of what seems to be a Universe sized area, and try to convince me that they knew that one thing so well, that it was enough. It was never enough. They were doing the same thing as the last guy, but just giving it a new name. Moving Average Crossovers, Support and Resistance, Trendlines...the same old stuff just repackaged and calling it a “Strategy”. What good is a “strategy” when you don't understand the war? It is like playing a game of chess, and all you know is how to play a few pieces – really super well– but you don't understand how to play all the elements needed for beating your opponent and winning a game.

I've never been satisfied with accepting this was the way to become a successful trader. Just like in any other job or special skill, I knew I had to understand the entire picture. The world of trading was holding my future and I was determined to keep moving forward. Fortunately for me, I made my goal. My goal was reached when I met Douglas with Golden Trifecta Trading. I was finally able to learn how the Universe of trading worked. He was able to teach me not only the individual important pieces, but also how they worked together. I knew my search was over. My dream was finally becoming true and I quickly realized that I didn't have to waste any more precious time doing the time and errors. As Douglas taught me about the Universe of trading, I was (and still am!) constantly amazed how relatively simple it is these important pieces work together – in all markets. The funny thing is that the truth I learned from Douglas was right in front of my they say, “Hidden in plain sight”.

Douglas pulled the blinders off. Even with all the money and time I spent over the past 6 years, the truths that he revealed to me were never going to be discovered without his teachings. I used to think of myself only as a Currency trader. I thought of others only in the things that they traded, and not seeing the big picture for the truth that exists about trading.

The GTT method works, on all time frames, big and small, and for all markets. I now have the tools and knowledge to treat each chart as it is – properly – just a chart. Having finally reached the full understanding of trading with the whole market flow and energy in mind makes it so enjoyable. I used to spend time sweating out trades, watching them get knocked out over and over again without being able to stay consistent. Now everything has been turned around and put together the right way, the natural way – The GTT way.

Now I can say it with full confidence...yes, the world of trading is holding my future, but now I can stop dreaming about it and actually own it.

Shawn S