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5.0 Golden Trifecta Software


Golden Trifecta 5.0 software has been and will remain available to a limited number of users.

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Golden Ratio-Phi
In today’s world society seems to be caught up in their day to day activities of survival while not stopping to truly see the miracle that they live in. All around them the miracle of the Golden Ratio abounds from their heartbeats to the dimensions of the fingers and hands to the scaling size of their bodies. You can witness it everywhere in nature from the flower pedals to the ocean waves crashing in on the beach to the hurricane spiral to the galaxy spiral. It is truly a magical number that overwhelms everything that we touch and touches us in society.

The markets aren’t any different. They are made up from human emotion and from that human emotion we can accurately track the data points and natural order of Phi.

If a person can just grasp the magnitude of this number, I believe they could trade in the zone, but understanding how and where to attach the Phi number to the data points is what makes the Golden Trifecta method truly amazing.